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There are many factors to consider when you are selecting an Agent to sell one of your greatest assets. You need to feel comfortable with your Agent and be able to trust them (as much as you can in a society that traditionally dislikes and distrusts real estate agents 😊). In the end it will usually come down to your gut feel about the individual, but we’ve put together a few tips for you to help you make your decision:

We cannot stress enough, it is so important to mystery shop a few of your local agents BEFORE calling any of them in to appraise your home. Things you want to look for:
  • Were they prepared with a brochure?
  • Did they take your name and number?
  • Were they friendly and respectful of you (maybe dress in your daggiest outfit to see if that changes how they treat you)?
  • How was the open run? Was there a good atmosphere?
  • Could they answer questions about the property?
  • After the open, did they follow you up to see if you were interested or had feedback?
  • Did you never hear from them again or did they harass you for weeks on end?
All of these things should come into consideration when you are choosing an Agent to sell your home. We actually have clients who have told us that there are certain agents that they would never buy a house from because of previous interactions with those agents at open inspections. Do you really want to cut your pool of buyers because they don’t like your Agent?

Any agent who gives you an appraisal on the value of your home should have evidence to back up what they are saying. All real estate agents should have access to some form of reporting statistics on the recent sales in your area. They should be able to show you the research they have completed to be able to give you an appraisal value of your home. If they can’t show you any recent sales reports, then how did they come up with the value of your home? It needs to be based in fact – and the facts need to be correct. For example, if your home is a three bedroom, one bathroom, single carport home, then showing you that the four bedroom, two bathroom, double garage home next door sold three years ago for $550,000 is not relevant to you at all. But, the house on the other side of the street with three bedrooms, one bathroom and single carport that sold six months ago for $350,000 IS very important information when it comes to pricing your home.

A lot of people think that their home will speak for itself in terms of selling. The problem is, you need people to come to the open inspection first – and preferably A LOT of them. The more people you have at every open, the more competition and the more competition, the better sale price you’ll achieve. The advertising of your home needs to be of the very highest standard to get as many buyers through the door as possible. Things to look at when you are checking out all the local agents in the area are:
  • What are their signboards like? Is it advertising your home or just the Agent?
  • What are their brochures like? Are they detailed or just one page printed at the office with a few words and a couple of photos?
  • What is their internet advertising like?
  • Are they pushing using the newspaper? If so, are they doing that for you or for their own profile?
  • Do they advertise at their office? Where is it located? On a busy main road where people never walk past or in a popular shopping centre?
  • Do they have a property magazine distributed in the area? How often is it published? Does it cost extra to have your property advertised in there or is it part of a standard package?
  • What’s their property photography like? Professional or do it themselves?
  • What do their floorplans look like? Hand-drawn/black and white/colour?
  • Do they provide a complimentary home stylist visit?
Selecting an Agent is a huge decision, and the wrong choice can cost you, but hopefully following these few tips and asking a few key questions will go a long way to helping you make the right choice.

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