Tuesday, 3 April 2018


It’s long been a myth in the real estate industry that the best time to try and sell your property is in the spring. The truth is, that although there’s not really a “best time of year” to sell your property, there could be features of your home that, if timed right, will lead to a quicker, easier sale. For example, if your home has a stunning swimming pool - it will still sell in winter, but it will sell more easily in the summer (especially if you happen to do your opens during a 40-degree heatwave!)
You should also keep in mind that having a large number of properties all coming on the market at the same time will lead to buyers having too many options. If you own a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and you come on the market in spring just like everyone else who has a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home then it’ll be more difficult to make your home stand out and to get that quick sale for top dollar.

So, a few things you might want to consider that may affect when you choose to begin marketing your property for sale:

  • Do you have an open fire or combustion heater? Best to sell in WINTER - the ambience created by an open fire on a cold day is very appealing to a buyer
  • Do you have a fantastic air-conditioner? Best to sell in SUMMER - there’s nothing better than walking into a house on a summers day to find it’s absolutely perfect inside! (If you’re a/c isn’t the greatest, you might want to consider getting a better air-conditioner or at least a service…)
  • Do you have a swimming pool? Best to sell in SUMMER - people love picturing themselves diving in on a hot day
  • Do you have a beautiful garden? Best to sell in SPRING - lovely blossoms set the scene, just make sure it’s a low maintenance garden though.
  • Do you have no garden? Best to sell in AUTUMN/WINTER - there’s nothing wrong with a concrete jungle, except when the summer heat is radiating off into the faces of your potential buyers.
Essentially, you just want to show your property in the best possible light and if that’s in winter with a roaring fire and fresh pot of coffee, then why wait for spring?


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