Friday, 1 February 2019


Tip 4: Furniture & Decluttering

When you are trying to sell your property, you want the home to look as spacious as possible. This means assessing how your furniture, collections and d├ęcor fit in to the space that you have.

Important things to take in to consideration when looking at each room:

-  is my furniture too big for this space?

-  do I have too many personal items on display?

-  should I just move everything out?

People often make the mistake of falling in love with a lounge or bed because of comfort or the way it looks, and when it’s actually in the property, we realise that it’s actually just a little too big for the space. Some of our tips:

Bedrooms - Things like large beds and bedside tables in small bedrooms makes the room look even smaller. Our suggestion is, get some small bedside tables (often this will be without drawers which is completely impractical for living, but necessary for sizing). If you can, in your master bedroom, we recommend putting your normal King or Queen bed into storage and hire or borrow a double bed which will create the impression of space. You can apply the same tips for the kids rooms if they have double beds, go back to single beds temporarily.

Lounge rooms – Oversized comfy sofa’s are great for the family lounging together, but when you’re looking to sell, if you have two lounge suites consider moving one of them into storage or if you have a couple of chairs in your set, put one or both of them in storage. Also, consider your coffee and/or side tables. Again, although it’s not practical for living, just for sale, either swap them for smaller one’s or remove altogether and place in storage.

Collections and personal items – You want your house to look like a home, so don’t remove all your personal items and collectibles, but perhaps halve them. It will make dusting before open inspections easier and the space will feel more open and cleaner with less items on each surface. We recommend that personal photos and valuables should be put away for open inspections.

Even if you have another house to move to, we don’t recommend just moving all your items out. Selling an empty house is not an easy task due to the following:

  The marketing photography of a house full of empty rooms does not create any excitement in buyers looking for a new home. Think of the last time you looked at an empty property online. How quickly did you flick through the photos and how often did you ask, “what’s that room?”

  When the buyers come to the open, they have a hard time determining how their furniture will fit in the space. The need to have some furniture there already as a point of reference and will often assume the worst eg. “this room’s definitely too small for our lounge suite”.

  As with not removing too many of your personal/decorator items, you still want the house to feel like a home. An empty property feels abandoned and unloved, like the previous owner couldn’t wait to get out of there!

“Clearing clutter directs you towards paced progress…” ~Chayan Jain~

If you would like to see all our tips, please email to request a copy of our Preparing Your Home For Sale booklet.


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